philosophy & mission statement

We firmly believe architecture is primarily concerned with establishing a "spirit of place" or "genus loci," inspired by the uniqueness of each site and each client.

Since the concept for our buildings is rooted in their environments, we are particularly attentive to topography, climate and context. We listen carefully to the aspirations and requirements of owners and users. Through continual discussions we seek to make each project compelling and reinforce its contextual setting.

The firm's work has a growing reputation for exceptional design, for its commitment to the particularity of place and user, and for an exemplary aesthetic built on both an intellectual and intuitive understanding of the rich possibilities of materials and the means of construction.

A growing concern for both our clients and our practice has been our natural environment and our stewardship of the gifts it provides. H+HA has continually worked to integrate conservation practices into our design where and when it is appropriate and beneficial. We seek to inform and discuss with clients the principals and practice of green architecture. We strive to incorporate the principals and intent with client requirements, needs, and goals. We have focused, not only on new technology and principals, but also on reestablishing traditional and time tested methods rooted in proven historical techniques and design.